Client Portal

The client portal provides a central location where you, the client, are able to view the status of any order, submit a request, and actively communicate with our Company.All you need to have is a login and password in the system provided by Afetra.

After logging into the client portal, the client will only see applicable orders/jobs in the system. They will be able to:

  • Send messages to the manager to provide instructions.
  • Upload additional documents or supporting resources for the project.
  • Monitor the progress of any orders.
  • Submit order requests.
  • Download the finalized documents
  • Find specific translations


  • Submit Requests (via a customizable order form)
  • Follow the status of Requests
  • Connect to retrieve or find translations
  • View company information
  • Interact with our company

The client portal is a web based application that uses SSL (Secure Stocket Layer) technology to create an encrypted connection between us and our clients.