Medical and Pharmaceutical translation services

We know how important and delicate medical translations are, and that’s why we have recruited translators with the specific skills and expertise to correctly approach the particular terminology and offer customers first class service. We can provide translations in various areas: all specializations of medicine and surgery, clinical diagnostics, health statistics, veterinary medicine, and the medical industry.

The pharmaceutical content demands clear, accurate, and consistent translations as both end consumers and health care professionals depend on the information translated, as well as the pharmaceutical companies which need to expand their scope beyond national borders.

Types of medical and pharmaceutical documents we can translate:

Medical: Medical charts, Documents attached to medical supplies, Medical insurance documents, Informed Consent Forms, Hospital discharge papers, Scientific publications, Medical records, Hospital records, Regulations and legislations, Clinical study reports, Clinical protocols, Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical: Scientific articles, Pharmaceutical bulletins, Informed consent forms, Documentation for regulatory agencies, Leaflets, Manuals for research laboratories, Protocols of clinical trials, Regulations and legislations, Clinical study reports, Market surveys