We are very close to our clients, identifying their needs and always looking for the right solutions!

Choosing the right translation and localization partner for your business is essential to ensuring high quality results. Our linguists have been selected based on their experience and areas of expertise and specialization to match your specific needs.

We are able to handle large projects, we always make sure that your translated and approved terminology as well as your translation memories (TM), remain consistent.

1. Translation and Editing

Translation is the process of communicating the meaning of a source text by means of an equivalent target-language text.  It is the act of transferring the linguistic entities from one language into their equivalents in another language.

The language to be translated is called the source language (SL), whereas the language to be translated into or arrived at is called the target language (TL). The translator needs to have good knowledge of both the source and the target language, in addition to a high linguistic sensitivity, so as to transmit the writer & intentions, original thoughts and opinions to the translated version as precisely and faithfully as possible.

Our most requested languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Danish and many more.

More details

As we strive to offer the best linguistic solutions to our clients, besides simple translation, we also offer TEP translations (translation, editing, proofreading). Using TEP instead of just ‘translation’ is more accurate as it takes in the three main steps in a translator’s workflow;

Translation – the translation of a text, Editing – editing or implementing any changes, and Proofreading – a review of the translated text. These three steps are critical to delivering a high-quality result.

Traducembine and afetra has particular expertise in the following fields:

  • General Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Financial Translations
  • Technical Translations
  • Engineering Translations
  • IT Translations
  • Medical Translations

Our international team of native linguists is able to handle translations into more than 55 languages.

Regardless of the size of your project, a dedicated project manager will always be assigned to you and your documents, making sure that the translation process itself as well as your communications with us and following the progress of your documents is as fast and simple as possible.

Tools: Our in-house translators and our freelancers are trained and have acquired experience in the use of all major CAT Tools, including SDL Trados, Wordbee and other translation memory tools.

2. Localization

Localization means adapting the message to the specifics of a region. Even if localization involves translation, the process is more complex, since the message is not only translated from one language into another; rather, it is to be adapted to transmit the same meaning or connotation to the target culture.

The process of content localization takes into account several aspects: technical, style, and the characteristics of the target market.

By localizing your website, products or marketing campaigns, you are building a bridge to your target customers and making your brand more memorable on local markets.

We, at afetra, have experience and expertise in localization projects!

We have built a consistent and reliable network of native translators in almost every European, American and Asian language.

3. Transcreation

Transcreation is the process of recreating precise brand content for a target language to effectively preserve its creative and emotional intent while making it resonate in other languages and cultures.

Transcreation generates the same emotional response as intended in the source language and it creates copy that evokes locally relevant emotional engagement, moving beyond direct translation of source content.

Here is an example of how companies turned to transcreation when launching their products in different countries: Mc Donald’s was pretty smart with its transcreation approach. It transcreated it’s tagline “I’m loving it” for the Chinese audience into “I just like it” because they knew that the Chinese find it offensive to use the word “love” in public.

4. Video and Audio Transcription

afetra’s Transcription service provides an accurate written account of all the spoken words in an audio or video file. Our team handles large volumes of work at impressive speed.

5. Subtitling

Whether you need to produce or translate subtitles, we can offer subtitling services with tested subtitle translators and quality assurance tools to translate and localize your videos for a global audience. Our subtitlers are highly skilled linguists, using the most up-to-date specialist software and industry-standard guidelines.

6. Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation – Generally used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpretation is a much more complex process than consecutive interpretation.

Interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which is transmitted to headsets worn by audience members.

Consecutive interpretation – Normally intended for small conferences, meetings or presentations. The interpreters have time to analyse the message as a whole, usually a few sentences at a time, making it easier for them to deliver a high-quality output.

Whispering – Interpreters will sometimes use a technique called “murmuring,” whereby the interpreting maintains standard voicing, at a reduced volume.

All of our linguists are vastly experienced conference interpreters to serve every business need.

7. Other Services

Desktop publishing (DTP)

Whether it’s a brochure, letterhead, advert, or product manual, we can take your basic concept and create fully-formed, modern-looking designs that capture your company’s culture and values and render them into beautiful, clean files.

Terminology Management

A glossary is a tool that will go a long way in not only guaranteeing consistency and better brand management but also saving time, money and headaches. Establishing resources, like glossaries, and processes for effective translation term management will cultivate higher quality translations from the outset and save you time and money.

Tests assessment (Q&A assessment)

QA is an essential step in every localization project, and it is usually assigned to an independent third party vendor who can objectively review and assess the quality of an already completed translation. This requires vast knowledge on both the source and the target languages, the project requirements – style, format, terminology, the QA process, including error categories and severities, as well as strong arbitration skills.

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