We are very close to our clients, striving to identify their problems, and always looking for the right solutions!


afetra.com is a new project initiated by Traducembine, a Romanian translation company founded in 2007. The company started out with the provision of translation and interpreting services, and expanded into the area of localization projects, implementing cutting-edge cloud technology.

The customer database has grown by extension of the range of services, and by participating and winning several calls for tender of the European Commission and the Court of Justice in Luxembourg for 20 languages in various fields. afetra.com is thus a natural consequence of our business activity and the growing expansion into new markets.

afetra.com is the result of our efforts to develop, innovate and reach a global level over the past 11 years. afetra.com was designed and built for the purpose of addressing external markets with new services, state-of-the-art technology, and a very close approach to customer needs and expectations.

Since we are now in a digital and globalised era, we have implemented an online client portal that delivers transparency, total control of the project, cost efficiency and improved quality control to our clients. Clients can see the translation, cost and timing in real-time, and are in a position to place orders in a simplified and automated manner.

We know that a close and confident business relationship can deliver added value, and we intend to be a one-stop-shop provider for all our customers. Our philosophy was and remains that nothing is impossible, and that there is a solution to every problem!

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of in-house management and support staff, as well as external linguistic specialists and freelance translators, all cooperating in the best interest of our clients.

Meet some of our key persons in the company.

Silvia Tudor

Managing Director

Silvia has over 15 years of experience in the translation industry, both as a translator and a project manager, and over 11 years in running a translation and localization company. She holds a master’s degree in Slavic languages and a BA in English and Slovak and is fluent in English, Italian, and French and functional in Slovak. Her dream is to bring all languages more accessible at a global level and help people communicate more easily and effectively.

For this purpose, her company Traducembine has developed a new project, afetra.com, which she will lead and coordinate with a keen interest in helping companies all over the world in taking their business to a global level through localization.

Teodora Pușcașu

Business Development & Sales Manager

Teodora has been with afetra.com and Traducembine for over 3 years.

Having an economic background and over 9 years of experience in sales and customer relationship, she has strong communication and leadership skills. She is proficient in English having also an international working experience.

She is now responsible for researching and pursuing new business leads for the growth of the business through a variety of sales techniques. She is also constantly keeping an eye on industry market evolution and looks for new and innovative technology and services.

Our Team

We have a young and dedicated team of passionate linguists, professional translators, well-organized and service-minded project managers, as well as an extensive network of native translators around the world.

We all share a passion for languages, as well as a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We work as a team focusing on a single goal – to support you in developing your business, and take it to a global level through tailored language solutions.

Our motto is: Nothing is impossible! There is a solution to every problem!

Our core values