Linguistic resources

Linguistic resources are translation memories, project memories, and terminology databases that are shared mutually between all individuals working on a project.

Multiple translators can work on different documents within a project using the same memories and glossaries. Resources are multi-lingual allowing translations to be reviewed in other languages.

Pre-translated texts with new contexts are immediately flagged for review.

Linguistic resources may also be updated to improve quality, consistency, and
management throughout projects.

Features and benefits:

  • Real-time, contextual linguistic resources make it easy for the system to
    remember previous translations and apply them to new translations.
  • This saves time and lowers translation costs while increasing throughput.

Here are a few of the benefits offered by linguistic resources:

Never translate the same sentence twice.

Save money and time.

Translate more words with the same resources.

Get more consistent texts.

Gain reliable collaborative resources

Continuously build resources for future projects.