Localization of e-learning materials


Our customer is the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. Due to their worldwide presence, we were approached to deliver translation and website localization from English into French and Japanese.

The project also included the translation and localization of training and eLearning materials from English into French, Japanese, Spanish and German.


Since we were to deliver an accurate and spotless translation of industry terminology, we had to appoint our finest technical translators and localization experts.

The localization of all languages was executed simultaneously.

Before starting the localization project, we had to create a key term list and style guide for Japanese language translation and localization. The next step was to create a glossary of the most important terms. Given the vast size of the project and the tight deadline, we had to source translators and proof-readers to work on the translations simultaneously through the Wordbee platform.


We employed a team of expert native translators and localization professionals.

Equipped with translation-memory technology and exceptional linguistic skills, our translators were able to efficiently localize the different materials while paying particular attention to the technical jargon and corporate style.

Translation memory technology was employed throughout the project, ensuring cost-effectiveness to the customer, consistent terminology, and efficient handling of different file formats. In addition, interactive proofreading was incorporated during the various stages to guarantee grammatical accuracy and technical perfection for the end product.


All translations were fully typeset, and delivered in good time and to the client’s satisfaction. Since then, we have developed a healthy corporate relationship with our customer, which continues to this day.