Translation of highly technical banking texts


Highly specialized translation project for a major Romanian bank.

The project consisted in the translation of around 3000 pages from English into Romanian of Basel II related documentation that was to be submitted and approved by the National Bank of Romania.


Our client had a deadline of 60 days, and very specific and technical terminological requests for the translated documents to be accepted by NBR.


We set up a team of specialized translators and revisers, built a terminology glossary, submitted for client’s approval. All translators had milestones to permit editors to start work alongside the translation process.


The outcome was a success, since our client managed to submit the documents in good time, and had them accepted by NBR. Moreover, following this successful project, the client extended the cooperation with our company for many years, resulting in a fruitful cooperation for our company that led to 10% growth in the turnover per year.